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What's Up...

  • Government & Economics course is coming up in the next few weeks;
    "Constitution, Money, & Banking" will be free of charge for those who wish to attend.
    We'll let you know the dates shortly.


  • The Academy's early, main, and makeup enrollment has passed.
    All enrollment is now by appointment only


SPECIAL NOTE - excerpt from Sunday 1-18
More recording difficulties, but lots of great faith stuff.
Here's the list from Sunday.

Faith IS your confidence in, your total reliance on, the Kingdom Of God.
  If you dissect it too much, it won't work. (remember the airplane thing) Heb 11:1-3
•Your imagination is the mechanism of faith, so imagine what He said is true!
  If your faith is not in God, it's fear, and fear is faith in the adversary. Jn14:12, 1Jn 4:18
•We  don't "see" how much the resurrection changed things.
   It has to be "enforced" or "brought to light" by faith.Acts 3:16
•To put on Christ is to be endued with authority and ability.  Ga3:27 + Lk24:49
•Not forgiving is a stumbling block and an impediment to faith.  Lk17:1
•Forgiving is your reasonable service, and essential to tree moving faith. Lk17:10

•Forgiveness is essential if you want a mountain to obey you. Mk 11:25-26

•The devil don't have to listen if you ain't right. "Sanctified" is right. Mt 17:20-21
   The devil's weapon against love, peace, faith – hatred, discord, fear. Ga5:19-22 
•The enemy knows the power of "rightness“.  Is. 54:17 + Jn15:7, Jn16:23-24

  Being right with God is what he interrupted in the beginning.

•Therefore,  Love>Forgiveness is the most powerful thing we teach/preach.

   Love fulfills the law. If you love you forgive. If you forgive you have what you ask.

   Ga. 5:14-15 + Mk 11:25-26

You can only "know" it by faith! Full trust, confidence, reliance!

When you believe, you believe!


What We Are...

Jubilee Christian Fellowship

The Church!


Jubilee Academy

Overseeing Home Education

Jubilee Productions

CDs, Albums, series,
academic curriculum,
concerts, & more!

Jubilee Athletic Association

Overseeing or working with community and civic organizations
such as the Bullets Soccer Club and
Central Alabama Independent Soccer League.




Where We Are...

The Liberty Centre,
1919 1st Ave South
Irondale, Alabama
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