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What's Up...

"Rights and Economics"
A practical understanding of liberty & money.

Starts This Week!

Tuesdays, March 24th through April 28th - 10am to 12:15pm - at Jubilee.

We'll run for a minimum of six weeks (thru 4/28) giving us 12 sessions (2 parts each day).
Take note, we may add another week or 2 if the students get into it.

Here's the general outline: (Don't be afraid! We'll have fun!)

I. General Intro
   A) General Overview of Governments
        1) Constitutional Republic
        2) Constitution

   B) Bill Of Rights
        1) Constitution overview into Bill Of Rights
        2) Bill Of Rights

II Economics
   A) General Overview of Economics
   B) Capitalism
        1) Free Market
        2) Crony Capitalism

III. Money & Banking
   A) ABCs of money
   B) Central Banking (the Fed Reserve System)

IV. How liberty and money is affected by government





The Academy!

Overseeing Home Education



The Athletic Association

Overseeing or working with community and civic organizations
such as the Bullets Soccer Club and
Central Alabama Independent Soccer League.

The Music





1919 1st Ave South
Irondale, Alabama

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Contact info:
P.O. Box 100993
Irondale, AL  35210
phone/fax - 205-951-3103


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