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What's Up...

Sunday mornings at Jubilee
(starting at 10:15)

   "...equipping the saints..."

The WORD                                                  

The Music!

                                                     The Fellowship! 


Jubilee Academy:
Make your plans now for what you and your child
intend to accomplish in 2016-2017.
Standard enrollment is August 2nd at 7:00 p.m. -
  1919 1st Ave South in Irondale.



                                 It's not "Christian" soccer.
                            It's not even "soccer for Christians".
             It's just character building, physically challenging, soccer.
                                           Wanna play?
                        Bullets Soccer Club. Soccer in Irondale.






The Academy!

Overseeing Home Education



The Athletic Association

Overseeing or working with community and civic organizations
such as the Bullets Soccer Club and
Central Alabama Independent Soccer League.

The Music



1919 1st Ave South
Irondale, Al 35210
(click for directions)


Contact info:
  PO Box 100993
Irondale, Al 35210
  (205) 951-3103

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