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The "Miracle Waters" - working with our friends in Kenya

(At the bottom of this page is a compilation of videos sent by Peter Kelly Onyando, the Director of Springs of Relief.)

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       It began in October of 2018 when a friend introduced Julie and me to a man visiting the US from Suna, Migori, Kenya by the name of Peter Kelly Onyando. We sat at a table at Jubilee and talked for a couple of hours. He was an unusually
humble, but very confident individual. Toward the end of the conversation I had a desire to give something of myself to this man, so I gave him a coin that I carried in my pocket to remind me of God's love and provision, and so it began.
       Over the next year, a little here and there, we helped Peter with various needs. Over the years Jubilee Ministries had sought out a situation where we could be involved with people ministering to widows, orphans, and the disadvantaged. We have sent different ministries money over the years, but we had a desire to have a personal friendship with someone, to become a part of the vision, the purpose, and the people involved. Over the last year I've come to better understand what The Apostle Paul said, "I have you in my heart". Springs of Relief, or more accurately, Peter and his family and friends, have become a part of our family in Christ. We're not giving to a ministry, we're helping a man called of God to do what he has been assigned to do. It's very different than what we've been accustomed to, and it's really cool!
       Many people tend to think in terms of ministries or organizations, but God has shown me to minister to the man so that he can do the work. Think about Paul, the Philippian Church didn't give to his ministry, they gave to the man, meeting his needs and equipping him with the means necessary to accomplish his "good work". So a true friendship began little by little, sharing visions, experiences, insights and encouragement, and meeting some needs led us to deciding to take on specific projects. Most of these have been either leading into or flowing out from the "Miracle Waters", and God's not through.

       Here's the deal, when we refer to miracle waters, we're not playing. We started out to help Peter fulfill a lifelong desire to bring pure, clean water to his tribal community of Masara, about 23 km west of Migori, Kenya. For many decades their primary source of water has been streams and ground water polluted with sodium cyanide from mining in the region. People and animals die from it. So Peter did the research and cost estimates and God provided the necessary funds through us. But God had something more in mind. Instead of the 2 to 3 cubic meter flow expected by the government survey, God's miracle working ability is producing an overflow of pure, clean, sweet, water in such abundance that it set a record for the country. The previous record of 6 cubic meters per hour was in Homa Bay County. This borehole produces 10, ranging up to 13, cubic meters per hour of water. Basically double the record!

       So, as I said, what started out to be a sizeable, but manageable, undertaking for Peter Kelly and Jubilee exploded to another level, all the metrics changed. We needed storage tanks, a structure to put them on, a large submersible pump powered by solar panels since there was no electricity. Oh, and the controls to make it all function, and no one knew anything about any of that.
       The cost almost tripled, the time frame was stretched, the learning curve got pressed out of measure, and all of this during the restrictions of a nationwide pandemic. But one by one, God provided funds, contacts, information, and wisdom and clarity of vision.
        Today pure, clean, sweet, water is replacing the sodium cyanide and zinc laced water being used for drinking and cooking in Masara. The water is free to the people of the Masara Community, and efforts are underway to provide for the livestock as well, but a water distribution enterprise is already selling water to food vendors in surrounding "shopping centers" to cook with and sell to their customers. The revenue from the sales is providing income for Springs of Relief's efforts in ministering to the disadvantaged. We call it Springs of Relief for Springs of Relief! We know that the time will come when SoR (the trademark) bottled water will be sold around the country. Supermarket managers in Migori have already heard the story of the "sweet" water and have asked if it's available for retail. Consider this, God imagined a ministry to the downtrodden and disadvantaged that would also provide jobs for people out from its own resources by distributing life saving water to people who are literally dying from the water that they drink! God's plan is amazing, and He's bringing it to pass through the visions placed years ago in a young Kenyan and a small group of people in Alabama. We've witnessed a miracle of God happen through the waters!

        The Springs of Relief Foundation is a part of Global Gospel Ministries. SoR is primarily made up of outreach to orphanages, the education of younger children through its own academy, and of course now, the water. But aside from being the Director of SoR, Peter is also a pastor, as is the Chairman of SoR, his older brother, Bismark Onyando Ndisc. There are a number of Global Gospel Fellowship Churches in the south central rural areas of Migori County. The church that Peter has pastored for years had been located in Oruba Estates on the western side of Migori Town. The church has now left its cramped and deteriorating rented building and into a new, spacious facility located in the beautiful area of Nyamome, several kilometers away, towards Masara. The heartfelt desire for a new facility was Peter's, providing for the power, water, and construction became ours.

         The next project was "Masara Electrical & Grinder". That is, to bring electricity to the property at Masara Village, and to build a building for a grinder or posho mill that the community can access locally for grinding corn and flour. And not only will people be able process their grains locally instead of having to transport it out and back, the small fee being charged will produce income for someone to oversee and maintain its operation and the profit going to the work of SoR. Kenya Power & Light has been paid in full, the project scheduled, the building built, and the grinder purchased, all that's left is for KPLC to complete the work. Another wonderful way that God is changing people's lives!
         The project now getting underway is the most ambitious yet, (well, the borehole turned out to be mega, but we didn't know it at the beginning), and that's the construction of the facility that will house the headquarters of Springs of Relief and The Masara Academy. Plans are being finalized and funding is coming in for two 20x80 buildings containing classrooms, a kitchen and dining area, restrooms, storage space, and the SoR office.
         Peter Kelly put together a documentary of what has happened in the last year and a half, taking you on a tour by video from the intersection of the A1 Hwy & the Muhuru Bay Rd, south of Migori Town in Suna, proceeding west, with a stop at Nyamome, then on to the Masara Shopping Center. Then a turn northwest up the Karungu Rd to check out where the electrical lines will be run from, then across to the little church that his mother founded and pastored until her death in 2019. From there you'll go over to the compound at Masara, to see the borehole, the tower, tanks, and solar panels, Peter's home, and the location of The Masara Academy and the SoR office. It's a long ride (48 minutes), but an interesting journey. It's wonderful to experience the countryside with your own eyes! Cool! Thank you Peter!

1) MasaraWell-1-Borehole
2) MasaraWell-2-Structure
3) MasaraWell-3-Install
4) MasaraWell-Dedication
5) Tuk-Tuk+Distribution
6) The new Nyamome Global Gospel Fellowship Church
7) Nyamome GGFC Completed 2-27-21
8) Nyamome 1st Sunday 2-28-21
9) Springs of Relief Project Tour 4-22-21