Jubilee Athletic Association



Begun in 1991, Jubilee Athletic Association was an invention born out of necessity, but quickly developed into a purposeful ministry. This is Jubilee's "youth program". No, it's not church, it's soccer in Irondale, and the vision is simple. Instead of developing activities and programs that center in or around "church", why not do something that benefits the whole community? Team sports is a character building, life enhancing activity that develops friendships, teaches life lessons, strengthens the family, and promotes the community. It also gives you the time to develop realtionships, not with just the kids, but also their families. Spending that time and interaction through good coaching and true "player development" has always been the focus of the athletic association, even when the kids are sometimes young (and not so young) adults. On top of that, "What you owe to those who came before you, you pay to those who come behind you."
It's one generation giving to another, and teaching them the importance of giving back!

Grntswdsign-5-16.jpg You see, many of us who volunteer our time and resources to  work  with the kids of Irondale and surrounding communities remember someone in our lives who unselfishly gave of themselves to contribute to our joy, happiness, learning experiences, and memories. They made a difference in who and what we are, and we owe a debt to them to do the same for those coming up. It's incredibly gratifying to see kids who grew up as Bullets Soccer players now coaching their own kids as Bullets Soccer players!
Jubilee Athletic Assoc. is a division of Jubilee Ministry, but Bullets Soccer  is a civic organization, operated for the well being and enhancement of the citizens Irondale and the surrounding communities.
As a 501c(3) organization we found the paperwork in place, the oversight available, and the motivation sincere, so we've been soccer in Irondale for over 20 years.