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The Springs of Relief Story

Masara * Migori * Kenya

       In October of 2018 a friend introduced Julie and me to a man visiting the US from Migori, Kenya by the name of Peter Kelly Onyando. We sat at a table and talked for a couple of hours. He was an unusually humble, but very confident individual. Toward the end of the conversation I had a desire to give something of myself to this man, so I gave him a coin that I carried in my pocket to remind me of God's love and provision, and so it began.
       Over the next year, a little here and there, we helped Peter, as the Director of Springs of Relief Foundation, with various needs. For years Jubilee Ministries has sent money to different ministries doing good works, but without fulfilling the desire to really develop a personal camaraderie with someone, to become a part of the vision, purpose, and people involved. The Apostle Paul described it when he said, "I have you in my heart". Springs of Relief, or more accurately, Peter and his family and friends, have become a part of our family in Christ, our friends. We're not just giving to a ministry, we're investing into a man called of God to change the way of life in a community. It's really cool!
       Over time, we began to take on specific projects. Following the links for the videos being described below will introduce you to Peter Kelly and the countryside about 20 miles, as the crow flies, east of Lake Victoria in Migori County, Kenya. You can see videos of the various projects by visiting the "Projects" page".

Peter Kelly put together a video taking you on a tour from the intersection of the A1 Hwy & the Muhuru Bay Rd, south of Migori Town in Suna, proceeding west, with a stop at Nyamome, then on to the Masara Shopping Center. Then a turn northwest up the Karungu Rd to check out where the electrical lines have now been connected, then across to the little church that his mother founded and pastored until her passing in 2019. From there you'll go over to the compound at Masara, to see the borehole, the tower, tanks, and solar panels, Peter's home, and the location of The Masara Academy and the SoR office. It's a long ride (48 minutes), but an interesting journey.
It's wonderful to experience the countryside with your own eyes! Very cool! Thank you Peter!

SoR Documentary 4-22-21



Peter put together another video for us, walking with him along the path of the electrical lines, beginning at the Pentecostal Church that his mother founded, and ending at the Sori Rd. You get an up close and personal view along with some history.
The first power started flowing in September of 2021.


A Documentary Giving Thanks 7-06-21