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Julie McElroy

Jubilee Academy

 the Church School of Jubilee Ministry

                         education - "the gradual process of acquiring knowledge for the preparation of life"

If, for whatever reason, you want to follow in the footsteps of millions of Americans by exploring home education, you’ve come to the right place.  Jubilee Academy was founded by resolution as a part of the original documents of Jubilee Ministry in 1989. It was and is a part of who we are, not an add-on.

The director of the academy is also its founder, Julie McElroy. Graduating from the University of Alabama, Birmingham in Health Education doesn't qualify Julie to be the chief administrator of a large home education association, but helping to found two other church schools prior to Jubilee Academy and teaching her three boys for their entire elementary and secondary education does.

She has been involved in the home education movement in Alabama since 1985. Couple that with her own personal experience and you have a wealth of knowledge and resource that few can equal.




Her knowledge of and interaction with scores of employees from various boards of education around Alabama, DHR workers, law enforcement agents, attorneys, and elected officials provide a keen insight into education and how it is perceived in general in Alabama. Her experience and passion has well equipped her as she has directed, encouraged, and cajoled hundreds of families through their own home school experience.



In the State of Alabama a "church school" is a part of a church's ministry, exempting it from the regulation of the State or local boards of education.
It is free to follow its own guidelines administrated by its own governing body.


We believe that Proverbs 22:6 specifically designates the parents to be responsible for the "training up" of their children. Whether you farm it out, ship ‘em off, or do it yourself, you’re still responsible. That’s the "religious belief" that we adhere to, and if you agree with that, then you have the God given right of a sincerely held religious belief that allows you to teach your child yourself. Jubilee Academy establishes its own rules and guidelines as an autonomous church school.   WBRC.jpg

Jubilee is a non-denominational church, and Jubilee Academy is a church school. So, should you choose to enroll with us, your child would be enrolled in Jubilee Academy. 



For more information you can read the brochure on this site. You can also email us at jubileeacademy@charter.net or call the office at (205) 951-3103.