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The "Miracle Waters" and other projects in Kenya


What follows are some brief descriptions and video links to some of the Jubilee/SoR projects completed in Migori County in southwestern Kenya. The dates tell you when the video was produced or last edited.

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Masara Well-Borehole 9-04-20

Masara Well-Structure 10-23-20

Here's the deal, when we refer to miracle waters, we're not playing. We started out to help Peter fulfill a lifelong desire to bring pure, clean water to his tribal community of Masara, about 23 km west of Migori, Kenya, by funding the drilling of a borehole. For many decades their primary source of water has been streams and ground water polluted with sodium cyanide and mercury from mining in the region. People and animals die from it. So Peter did the research and cost estimates and we committed to the project. It didn't go smoothly, but it went well! The miracle borehole that God blessed them with is configured to produce just under 900 gallons per hour, and the two 2600 gallon storage tanks that were installed are topped off every morning as the people access the abundance of pure, clean, 'sweet', water! The videos tell the story!






So, as I said, what started out to be a sizeable, but manageable, undertaking for Peter Kelly and Jubilee exploded to another level, all the metrics changed. We needed storage tanks, a structure to put them on, and a large submersible pump powered by solar panels since there was no electricity. Oh, and the controls to make it all function, and no one knew anything about any of that. The cost estimates tripled. What could we do? We'll we couldn't go back, so God paved the way forward! The extra finances came in without even having to ask. The learning curve got pressed out of measure, and what should have taken a few weeks took from September to mid-November to complete, and all of this during the restrictions of the global "pandemic". But one by one, God provided funds, contacts, information, wisdom, and clarity of vision.

Masara Well-Installation 11-13-20         Well-Dedication 12-27-20


Today pure, clean, sweet, water is replacing the sodium cyanide and mercury laced water being used for drinking and cooking in Masara. The water is free to the people around the borehole, but Springs of Relief has set up a water distribution enterprise to sell water to food vendors in surrounding "shopping centers" to cook with and sell to their customers. The revenue from the sales is providing income for SoR's efforts in ministering to the disadvantaged. We call it "Springs of Relief for Springs of Relief"! We know that the time will come when SoR bottled water will be sold around the country. Supermarket managers in Migori have already heard the story of the "sweet" water and have asked if it's available for retail.  Consider this, God imagined a ministry to the downtrodden and disadvantaged that would also provide jobs for people out from its own resources by distributing life saving water to people who are literally dying from the water that they drink! God's plan is amazing!
Tuk-Tuk+Distribution 2-17-21




Down the road to Nyamome!

The Springs of Relief Foundation is a part of Global Gospel Ministries. SoR has been primarily made up of outreach in rural areas to the disadvantaged. Now there is also the water and Academy at Masara. But Peter is not only the Director of Springs of Relief, he is also a pastor, as is the Chairman of SoR, his older brother, Bismarck Onyando Ndisc. There are currently 10 Global Gospel Fellowship Churches in the rural areas of Migori County, stretching up into the hill country of Homa Bay County to the northwest.
The church that Peter pastors, Migori GGFC, has been relocated from it's cramped and deteriorating rented building in Migori Town to a spacious new facility built on it's own property in the beautiful area of Nyamome, outside of Migori, on the Muhuru Bay Rd headed toward Masara. The whole story is quite a God thing! To be as brief as possible:


1) Jane gave a piece of property to Peter to someday build a house on.
2) A land owner heard of the kindness, and made adjoining property available to Jane.
3) Jane and her family had to prematurely move into their new house with no power or water, and thanks to covid
    school closure, no money. Jane is a teacher.
4) Plans for Migori GGFC to build a new building on rental property in Migori blew up.
5) Literally within in weeks, Jane has power and water next door to a new church built on Peter's property. (You can't
    make this up, and there is even more to the story.) Shout Amen somebody!

The New Nyamome GGFC 2-13-21     Nyamome Completed 2-24-21     1st Sunday 2-28-21


And then there's the "Masara Electrical & Grinder" project. That is, bringing electricity to the property at Masara Village, and erecting a building to house a grinder or posho mill that the community can now access locally for grinding corn and flour. Not only are the people able to process their grains locally instead of having to transport it out and back, the fee that is charged is producing income for someone to oversee and maintain its operation with profits going to the work of SoR. God once again provided "The Team" with some new members and the desire, direction, and resources so that the project was fully funded and the grinder purchased back in March. The building was built in April, but then the rains came,. When the rains subsided the crews came, then the engineers, and then Kenya Power & Light energized the lines and the set the meters!
God has changed the life of an entire area!

Electricity & Grinder Preparation 5-30-21

Electricity Installation 7-03-21

And Finally! 10-07-21

Grinder Operation 9-09-21


Academy Construction at Masara
May to Sept., 2021

Another massive undertaking for a small ministry was the construction of The Springs of Relief Academy at Masara. Through His "team" God provided for the construction of two 1600sqft buildings, containing 6 classrooms. The videos on the left and right show the construction phases. The 2 below show the first day, April 26th, 2022, and now 2nd year.
The SoR Academy's 1st Day!

The 2nd Year - 2023

SoR Academy Construction
Sept. 21 to 01-08-22


Over to Wang'aya - Kadem Dec. 3, 2022

The date listed above is the day water was brought to the surface from 180m down, after 2 days of drilling in Wang'aya, in the area of Kadem, just east of Lake Victoria.It all started in late September with a Word from God and an appeal for prayer. While ministering at a conference at the Wang'aya PEFA church, The Spirit of God spoke in and through Peter concerning this project, and he shared it with others. But how could the miracle undertaking at Masara be duplicated in Kadem? The answer? God organized and orchestrated, and barely 2 months later, the water hit the surface. Things got interrupted by the holidays, but by the end of January the construction and solar installation was completed, and the official launch, attended by Church Leaders and Government Officials, took place. God has provided pure, clean water to the more than 1500 people around Wang'aya!
Shout Amen Somebody!

Drilling at Wang'aya! 12-03-22

Kadem's Progress 01-20-23

Kadem's Finale! 01-28-23


This one caught everyone off-guard! Back at the end of 2020, when we realized the wealth of resource that God had supplied with the borehole, the idea was conceived for "springs of relief for Springs of Relief". That someday this wonderful water could be bottled and sold commercially to provide continuous funding for the ministry. Preliminary investigation, at the time, put the project way out of reach, but the vision stayed. Then, in January, through a series of events, it was brought to Peter's attention that small commercial "reverse osmosis" systems had come onto the market. We had a crash course into the business and technology of water processing, crossing i's and dotting t's, until a clear picture and path forward emerged. The official launch date was February 22, 2023, when the funds for the construction of the "water house" were deposited. Construction for one of the most unique projects I've ever heard of began on March 7th. The progress of the building and the new "public bath rooms and showers" are chronicled in our videos below. Literally, a dream is coming true!

SoR Water Processing Plant 3-31-23

Processing Plant Update 4-17-23

Plant Update 5-17-23

Plant Update 6-24-23