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Course Resources and Websites for Home Educators:


To purchase any of the Jubilee Academy USB audio courses below, use the PayPal button to the left for payment and we'll mail it to you, or use the "contacts" tab above to make arrangements to purchase them in person.

     Government & Economics Course    $30
         Two important subjects everyone should be familiar with!

This course was developed from classes taught at Jubilee. The flash drive contains 12 class sessions plus printable .pdf tests and answer key. The "Government" portion is an overview of government, US Government and Constitution. The "Economics" portion covers elementary economics, money, banking, and the Federal Reserve.

This course counts for high school level credits in both Government and Economics, but more importantly it will give students a basic understanding of things that touch our lives everyday.


     The Learning Class     $20
      A great way to understand how the society that we live in came to be!

This 10 hour USB audio course is a combination of "epistemology" and "sociology" presented in such a way as to give a simple overview of man's cultural development, only it's way cooler than it sounds!
Live classroom sessions plus a printable .pdf syllabus.

Students of any age can benefit from this course, and it can be used for high school level credit.


     Teaching The Test    $40
      It is what it says!

This course covers the current Jubilee Graduation Exam, touching on every subject:
American History, World History, Government, The Declaration, The Constitution, Economics, Banking, Geography, Literature, English, Science, and Math. It also makes a great foundational guideline for any student to work from in developing their knowledge of these subjects.
The drive contains 18 class sessions recorded live plus a printable .pdf syllabus.

A great way to round out a students practical academic experience. 


     Crucial Life Concepts    $20
     Much more than an academic course, this class is about life. 

This class is outside the box of what we think about when we think about schooling, it's life skills.
It's about practical things that every child should grasp in the areas of Knowledge, Wisdom, Character, Family, Relationships, Education, Work, Money, and Business.
This is a 10 hour USB audio course plus a printable .pdf syllabus.

These are links to various websites covering a variety of topics.

Spelling City   building vocabulary and comprehension, make you own spelling tests

The ULAT   Spanish and French learned the natural way 

Your Child Learns    states and capitals map puzzle, geography

Animated Atlas   watch the growth of our nation

Mises Institute   Austrian Economics   (history, liberty, philosophy, etc....) 

 Math Drills all types of math help

Home School Used Books  and  Homeschool World   online home school stores


This book comes highly recommended by a former college professor who homeschools with us!

The Elements of Style  
This small book is loaded with grammar, punctuation, and writing instruction.
May be purchased on Amazon.