Q) What do I have to do to get started with Jubilee Academy?
A)  Read the "Brochure" in "The Academy" drop down menu above for guidelines, cost, and enrollment information. If you have any further questions, call us at (205) 951-3103 or use the "contact" tab above.

Q) Why do I need to be a part of a church school?
A)  There is a recent law in the State of Alabama regarding the legality and requirements of individual home education. At this point, it is very vague and basically untested. The long standing method of home education in Alabama is being enrolled in a church school, which is exempt from the regulations and requirements of the state and local boards of education. As such, a church school may select "home schooling" as a primary or secondary method of education.

Q) Is standardized testing required?
A) No. We can put you in touch with the various entities/types of testing available, but we do not require testing until graduation. 

Q) Won't my child suffer from a lack of socialization if we home school?
A) The truth is, many children who spend their lives in educational institutes lack social skills. Many suffer from all kinds of phobias, problems, and malajustments that are directly attributed to their experiences at school. Further, schools are not designed for "socialization" but education and indoctrination. Too much "socializing" in school usually leads to disciplinary problems. A home schooled child actually has much more free time for all kinds of social opportunities with many people in a variety of activities. It's really only limited by the energy, imagination, and budget.

Q) Can my child receive a high school diploma from Jubilee Academy?
A)  Yes. The details can be found in the "Academy Brochure".

Q) Can my child use this diploma to get into college,go into the military, or get recognition in the workplace?
A) Most assuredly! In the 30 years of our existence we've graduated students that were accepted into colleges and universities, received academic and athletic scholarships, and have been enlisted into military service. We've also had countless calls from perspective employers to verify graduation and ask for recommendations, many times resulting in that graduate receiving the job. The "key" to positive results is always record keeping. Keeping accurate, detailed, well documented records of a student's education that can be placed in the form of a transcript or used to answer particular questions with regard to aptitude is extremely important.

Q) Do I have to be a certified teacher to teach my child at home?
A) No. Church schools are exempt from the regulations/restrictions of the various boards of education in Alabama. Jubilee Academy is the church school of Jubilee Ministry, and we recognize that a parent, virtually any parent, is capable of training their children. Think about it. Does your child belong to you or the government? You are much more than a teacher, YOU'RE THEIR PARENT!

Q) Is Jubilee Academy "accredited"? NO.
A)"Accreditation", as used by the various government schools, refers to physical plant or facilities, not the quality of education nor the precise setup of curriculum. It instead refers to things like exit signs, school playground equipment, number of stations for science labs, etc. Your home doesn't fall into that category. Think about it. There are fifty state boards of ed, each with possibly hundreds of county/municipal boards of eds under them, all with different books, schedules, curriculum, timings, testings, etc., but they are all "accredited". Accreditation is one way for the government to restrict/regulate who can afford to get into the business of teaching children and to keep as much of a monopoly on it as possible. After all, they have to have a pretty good lock on it to be able to  
demand money from every citizen in the country.
Q) If it's not accredited, will my child's schoolwork be transferable to another school or accepted by college, military, business, etc.?
A) Yes. In varying degrees, all schools will accept the grades and subjects. The worst case scenario is that your child may be tested for the grade level that he/she is applying to for enrollment. Throughout the nation, colleges and universities have become aware to the fact that, generally speaking, home schoolers outperform their government schooled counterparts and are being, not just accepted, but recruited. Again, for transferability as well as acceptance after graduation, it's very important to keep well documented records of your child's education,that's what we help you to do!

Q) I read/contacted a home school that claims to be accredited, how can that be?
A) In recent years at least two entities have emerged that "accredit" home schools. They are not to be confused with the agencies that accredit conventional government and private schools. It works like this: I set up "XYZ of America" and give a certificate of "accreditation" to any one who joins as long as they require "X" number of subjects, include "Y" curriculum, and sign "Z" affidavit. It's as simple as that and it allows you to use the term "accredited", you just don't say by whom or for what. There are many other individual situations that cover a myriad of  questions. Feel free to use the "Contacts" tab and get in touch with us. We'll be happy to assist you if we can!


Any questions, give us a call at (205) 951-3103 or email us at jubileeacademy@charter.net.