Q) Is Jubilee Athletic Assoc. just for members of Jubilee or Jubilee Academy?
A) No. Since the Spring of 1991 JAA has been open to any player who wishes to
     participate whether they have previously or will ever be involved with Jubilee.
     There has never been more than 20 to 25% of any team that have been students of
     Jubilee Academy. It was never intended to be school or church related.

Q) Why do you have an athletic association that is civic-wide rather than ministry specific?
A) Years ago we decided that rather than have a "church" youth program and try to get kids to  
     come, we'd find something the kids wanted to do and help them do it. Coaching kids is a
     natural and beneficial way to get to know them and have a positive influence on their lives.
     Not by preaching, but by giving yourself and your time to let them know that they're important
     and you care. The rest follows from the example you give in how you conduct yourself and
     your life in front of them.
     Plus, what we owe to those that came before us we pay to those who come behind us.
     It's also a way for us to contribute to Irondale and surrounding communities with no strings

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