... singing together in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs...

The Music

A site filled with songs!

We record and produce The KEY live at Jubilee
from Sunday mornings because our music
is an important part of
who we are and what we do,
and we want to share it with you!



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More Of You.

March 2017

Burning To Love

August 2015

Do Not Feed The Fears

February 2014


February 2013

Such A God

September 2012

Righteous By Design

February 2012

Earlier "Live at 1919" series

Volume 15

June 2011

Volume 14

December 2010

Volume 13

July 2010

Volume 12

January 2010

Volume 11

September 2009


CDs are packaged for Jubilee by N'house Digital Media Birmingham, Alabama.