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Course Resources and Websites for Home Educators:


     Government & Economics Course   Re-released in USB!  $30

This 12 hour audio course was developed from classes taught at Jubilee.
The flash drive contains 12 class sessions plus printable .pdf tests and answer key.
The "Government" portion is an overview of government, US Government, and Constitution. The "Economics" portion covers elementary economics, money, banking, and the Federal Reserve.

This course counts for high school level credits in both Government and Economics,
but more importantly it will give students a basic understanding of things that touch our lives everyday,

This USB flash drive course can be purchased from the Academy for $30.
It's a "must have" for students planning on taking the Jubilee Academy Graduation Exam.

Spelling City   building vocabulary and comprehension, make you own spelling tests

English Grammar 101   extensive grammar lessons online 

The ULAT   Spanish and French learned the natural way 

Your Child Learns    states and capitals map puzzle, geography

Animated Atlas   watch the growth of our nation

Mises Institute   Austrian Economics   (history, liberty, philosophy, etc....)

Math Forum  and  Math Homework Help   all types of math help

Learning Things  and  Homeschool World   online home school stores

Library Spot   online library and more


"highly recommended"    

The Elements of Style
For only $5, this small book is loaded with grammar, punctuation, and writing instruction.