Jubilee Facts

Q) How long has Jubilee been around?
A) Jubilee was founded in 1989 as a church meeting in a house.
     The Academy was a apart of the original incorporation, with an Athletic Association added in 1991.
     The church has met in several locations over the years, settling back into Irondale in 2005.

Q) Is Jubilee affiliated with any denomination or parent organization?
A) No. Jubilee is a non-denominational ministry. We are affiliated with other ministries only by
     our voluntary financial support or specific endeavor cooperation.

Q) I understand that Jubilee is a "Christian" fellowship or church, but what exactly do you believe?
A) We really don't like to enumerate a statement of faith, because you leave so much out, but here
     are the basics:
     "In the beginning God..."    God is the Creator of all things and upholds all things by the "Word
     of His power".
     The Word was also with God in the beginning, was God, the catalyst for creating all things,
     and was made flesh.
     Jesus Christ is that Word, is/was God in the flesh.
     That God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.
     As the "Son of God", by His sacrifice, death, and resurrection, we - mankind-  were redeemed
     by God and are positioned to receive the Life of God by faith.
     That the Bible was authored by the Holy Ghost. 
     More specifically,  the Old Testament was written by the Spirit of God moving on men of old to
     write, and the new testament by fulfilling the Word of Jesus to His disciples that the Holy Ghost
     would come to live in men in order to bring to remembrance things He had said, take of His
     and show to them, and show them things to come.
     We also believe in the imminent, physical return of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead.

Q) What can I expect on a Sunday morning at Jubilee?
A) A celebration! The music starts @ 10:15 and last around 45 minutes. It's generally loud and lively.
     The teaching last about an hour, and is a kind of open forum that allows for input or questions.
     Dress is casual, the seating is mostly at tables, cafe style, with refreshments available.
     There is a room for smaller children, although children are encouraged to remain with parents.
     A "children's church" is conducted every other week for younger kids. (up to @13).

Q) How would I become a member of Jubilee?
A) Only by association. Jubilee has no "membership". Our only membership is to be a part of the
     Body of Christ at large. The people are involved with each other by simple association.

Q) Do you meet at other times during the week?
A) Not officially. The KEY meets virtually every Wednesday night at 6:30 for rehearsals and we
     frequently have visitors stop by, they are welcomed.
     Past that, as in the early church, folks get together frequently. These are not "meetings" set
     up or overseen by the ministry, they are just friends and families getting together. More
     often than not, the conversation will turn to sharing revelation or testimonies about the
     Kingdom of God. If not, we just enjoy the fellowship.